October 1, 2009

Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge

NOTE: This post is old, and is probably on different subject matter than my current writing. It is possible the information is outdated or my opinions have changed. -- Josh Klein, May 28, 2012

Donors Choose is an awesome organization. Their website allows teachers with underprivileged students to create classroom proposals, and donors to choose the projects their charitable contributions support.

The website is filled with proposals for students in need: basic human needs like toothpaste and toothbrushes, necessary classroom supplies like pencils and books, and technology for advanced students.

Right now, Donors Choose is holding The 2009 Social Media Challenge. Last year, bloggers raised $270,000 to provide 65,000 students with classroom resources.

Budget cuts are seriously threatening education right now, especially here in New York State.

I created a giving page for this blog’s community in the Tech Blog category. My goal is for us to raise $2,000 during this drive, and I’ve added a number of projects I think are worth sponsoring.

If you can donate, please do so at the giving page. If you can’t, please pass on a link to others to help spread the word.

I’ve focused the projects for our group to high poverty areas in New York City, but if you see another project you’d like to fund, let me know!

Donors Choose is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, and contributions are tax deductible. Kudos to Fred Wilson for inspiring this. I’d say we should beat his donation group, but that seems implausible.