October 22, 2009

Help Some Kids, Help Your Google Rank

NOTE: This post is old, and is probably on different subject matter than my current writing. It is possible the information is outdated or my opinions have changed. -- Josh Klein, May 28, 2012

Donors Choose is a website that lets donors directly fund public school education projects in high-needs areas. The month of October is their annual social media challenge, and we’re taking part.

This community has already raised $225 and completed 3 projects, reaching 157 students – not hypothetical “students”, but these specific 157 children. How awesome is that? The more we can raise before this Sunday (October 25th) the more funds Hewlett-Packard will match.

In case that isn’t enough to get you to donate, I want to sweeten the pot by making you a deal:

I’ve written a report called An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Non-Technical Business Owners. It contains everything you – real people, not SEO geeks – need to know about how search works, minus the jargon.

Instead of just another technical guide, you’ll get a 20-page game plan for your business. Read it and you’ll know the business side of SEO. Leave the tech guides for the geeks you’re going to hire; you should be running your business.

If we hit $1,000 donated through my giving page at Donors Choose by October 31, I’ll release the report here for FREE. If not, the report will continue to be reserved for my clients.

So help some kids, help your Google rank. It’s as simple as that.

We helped buy school supplies for Ms. W’s Kindergarten class, Ms. L’s 6th grade class, and Mr. W’s 10th grade technology class. How about a few more classrooms?

Click here to donate with your credit card. It takes 5 minutes.